Beer comes in a wide variety of flavours and tastes, and not every beer-drinker is partial to the same style. With our specific selection of beers, we seek to satisfy every palate. Alcohol content varies with the brewing process, but typically lies between 5 and 7%.

Stewige Stout

Sturdy Stout   

A roasty, opaque, yet creamy stout brewed from a chocolate malted barley. A robust beer for the courageous beer drinker.


This beer has won best Microbrewed Ale at the Johannesburg Fetsival of Beer 2013, and the best of show at the Clarens Beer Festival 2014. Ultimately it won the best Craft Beer in South Afica at the 2013 South African National Craft Brewers Championship host by the SAB World of Beer.  This beer was also made the Top 10 microbrewed beers for 2014.

Wafferse Weiss                                                   Wicked Weiss

An unfiltered, precision-brewed wheat-based ale with a spicy, yet refreshing palate. A feisty beer for the young-at-heart beer drinker.

Aardige Ale                                  Agreeable Ale

An amber-coloured, ever so flavoursome ale, with a fruity aroma and a surprisingly dry finish. A down-to-earth beer for the uncomplicated beer drinker.

Alternatiewe Alt                            Alternative Alt

A copper-hued beer with a malty aroma and a bitter yet smooth taste. An old-style beer for the traditional beer drinker.

Baldadige Buchu                           Boisterous Buchu

A fusion of ancient Africa and colonial Europe. An aromatic ale with a well-balanced hoppy aftertaste, for the intrepid beer drinker.

Vyl Ale                                               Vyl Ale

A bitter American Pale Ale with a hoppy aroma and a hint of honey on the nose.  

Proper Pilsner                                 Proper Pilsner

 A Pilsner Urquell emulation.  "Urquell" in German or "Prazdroj" in Czech both mean "the ancient source" Pilsner Urquell is the original pilsner and first pale lager.  This modern pilsner has a very light, clear colour from pale to golden yellow and a distinct hop aroma and flavour.

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